• symmetry of line

Symmetry of Line


Symmetry of Line, One type of pop art canvas prints.

Product Description

This large abstract wall art shows how a simple thing can be made into a master piece. It is how you look at things in life that matter. They may be totally different in reality but that doesn’t matter if you choose to look at it differently. We decide what things and people mean to us. That is why every human being has a different perspective and different ideas about the common things we deal with in our everyday life. This unusual wall art is unique in its own way and portrays many ideas that come to mind. Some may view this image and picture that it sends a message regarding unity, others would say that it refers to how the world is connected and the people are bound to each other in one way or the other. It is amazing how some wood and some wire can be made into art by just having the right approach to it.

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