• Blushing Tulips
  • Blushing Tulips

Blushing Tulips


70 Degrees this tulip was wide open basking in the sun. The next day the temp dropped to like 40 degrees and this tulip closed like a venus fly trap.

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The red tulip is one of the many beautiful wall art designs. It is full of color and life. It shows the blossoming of the tulip. Which is still in the process of growing into the beautiful thing that it is. This beautiful flower will slowly open up to become a gift of nature. What will happen to this flower later on is a mystery but one thing is for sure that wherever it will be taken or to whomever it will be given to, it will be a statement. No matter where you decide to take it the beauty will remain intact. As it is preserved in this oriental wall art. Having this in your room will bring color and joy to the atmosphere and create a sense of beauty. It is a view that cannot be ignored and will be a delighting sight for anyone who glances at it.

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