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Brooklyn Bridge Art


A View for the Brooklyn Bridge:
When the East River connection was planned, Brooklyn, with about 400,000 residents, was still more rural than urban. New York City – which at the time was only of Manhattan – had two times as many people, and the bridge was seen as a solution to overcrowding in Manhattan while contributing greatly to the development of Brooklyn. The bridge would enable people and goods to cross the East River much more efficiently.

Product Description

This motivational wall artĀ features a View of the Brooklyn Bridge. This Bridge has been a source of development in Brooklyn and has solved the problem of overcrowding in Manhattan. This bridge made the movement of people and goods across the east sea more convenient. The bridge has been beautifully captured, from a good angle. This designer wall art can be put up in the lounge or dining room at home or in the office in a conference room. It has a professional look to it that makes it unique and attractive. It would be most recommended for the home or office of a civil engineer, people who are into construction and building structured to help us in our daily lives. It can also be for someone interested in history. Whoever you are and whatever you do this can be a great enhancement to your office or home.

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