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Lady in Red 11×14 Art Print- Perfect wall art


This art print was created within a virtual world. The model came to my studio. I posed her and selected several backgrounds and this image was the result.

Fine art photography within the game world.

Product Description

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Size : 11 x 14
Price $99

Perfect wall art  room. This wall hanging shows the majestic Lady in Red composed and self-confident, about to begin her routine. The image is full of different shades of red getting darker and darker till the color turns to black. This is a fabulous work of art that portrays beauty in the finest sense imaginable. The image has been taken with great creativity and the lady in red has a particularly poised stance. The lady in red gets ready to begin her routine that will surely leave her audience mesmerized. The same is displayed in this fine home decor. This is a great view to put up in the bed room to bring a touch of color and contrast. The lady in red is indeed an image that stands out and seeks attention. It makes a strong, bold statement and leaves a long lasting impression.


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