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Edge of the Fountain


The almost still water on the fountain mirrors the garden and the sun lit sky, which contrasts starkly with the dark fountain and the shadow it leaves on the ground. The flower glides to the edge the fountain, and photograph was taken right before the flower slid over, onto the ground.

The photograph, in essence, captures one of the hard truths of life. The flower or any object of beauty, no matter how perfect, no matter how comfortable or glorious in its heyday, at some point of time will fall into a fountain with a minor splash and stay afloat, gradually carried towards the edge of the fountain by the light water current and before you know it, due to forces beyond its control, will slide over the edge and will fall into the ground. A contemporary print that will make one reflect on life.

Product Description

The beautiful fountain and the flower at its edge is a soothing sight indeed to look at. The reflection seen in the water enhances the magnificence of the image forcing the viewer to look into its depth and detail. The water dripping down the edge has a soul cleansing feeling to it which makes you feel spiritually active and pious. This can be wall art for dining room or any other room. Wherever you choose to put it this wall decoration will stand out and make its presence be known. Your attention will automatically go straight to this image when you enter the room because of its wonderful blends of color and elements. It shows how man can make nature even more beautiful or how man can make his world even more beautiful through nature. Any way you look at it, this shows how important nature is and that we have a roll to play.

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