• Tree of Life

Tree of Life


This Tree is perfect wildlife art prints for your Dorm Wall or Rec room.

Product Description

In this wall art for home and office, the tree is the perfect depiction of life itself. We see the beauty of something so unique and perfect which was originally nothing to begin with. In this unique wall art we see that through time something so small and so negligible can become so big and majestic. Whoever planted this tree would not have realized that one day it would grow into such a strong entity. Something that would provide shade to others and be a form of life for animals that live on it or take refuge inside it. It is in a way the story of our life. We come into this world without anything at all. Slowly and steadily we choose our path and learn to abide by it until we reach a certain level in society, a place where we find ourselves powerful and of worth in the eyes of ourselves and others around us. Able to help others as well as ourselves. We slowly, step by step, climb up towards the sky to glory just like the tree that started off as a seed in the ground and then reaches for the sky.

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